Jonathan Garvey


Data enthusiast since 2010. Living in New York, hailing from Dublin, Ireland with grassroots in Co. Clare & Co. Kerry. The majority of my spare time is spent educating myself in a diverse range of IT & Analytics topics, with a more recent focus on Machine Learning in a trading capacity. When the fog appears, I like to get a movie in – or a couple of episodes of whatever’s hot on Netflix. Admittedly I enjoy political dramas and the odd conspiracy documentary.

Academic / Career

Early Days

With an academic background in Experimental Physics, I chose to commence my career in IT in October 2010 – partly due to being an avid online poker fan at the time and getting the nod from Pocket Kings (Full Tilt Poker). Consequently, I started off with valuable exposure to the Microsoft BI stack and continue to use it to this day. Along the way I drifted to the Data Warehousing & Integration end of the spectrum and slowly graduated to Data Architecture. There’s something uniquely challenging about the journey between the concept and implementation of multi-layer systems.

Since 2012 I’ve worked as an IT consultant in the data space. Mainly focusing on adding value to clients’ businesses through delivery of robust data solutions. Some very memorable moments along the way, including picking up an award for Business Value Project of the Year award in Version 1, for a supply chain analytics project for which I was the technical lead.

Business Value Project of the Year
Business Value Project of the Year Award

Paradigm Shift

Succumbing to the waves of Big Data & AI that have swept across the industry over the last number of years, it was fitting to embark on a self-fulfilling path to bridge the gap. Starting with a Postgraduate Certificate in Statistics from Trinity College Dublin in 2017, I began the shift from being a traditional data practitioner to a modern one. More recently, efforts have led to an M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence programme which is complete from a module standpoint.

Looking Forward

Who knows where things will go. I recently started jGarveyAnalytics LLC with a view to starting something of my own in the analytics space. It’s carte blanche at the moment – but providing services to the financial industry, from both data architecture/engineering and AI standpoints, would be something that I’d admit is a goal. What happens along the way will be just as challenging as exciting. Now, about that overfitted model…